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The Global Leadership Program - Intensive


Developing ethical leadership in a 'post-Truth' world

🗓 Date: *Saturday 5th May 2018* 

🕔 Time: *9am - 6pm 

🗺 Venue: *London and online** 

What kind of leadership do we want to see in the world today? And why are so many leaders falling short of our expectations. We clearly live in a time when the world is demanding better leadership, whether one looks in the ‘East’ or the ‘West’. Widespread dissatisfaction with corrupt leadership and the breakdown of trust in many leaders and institutions is clearly visible through the media, and in society generally. 

 CONTENT : In this one day intensive, critical leadership ideas are explored based on the famous works of the world leading authority of leadership training - Professor John Adair,who is Chair of Strategic Leadership at the United Nations and author of some 50 books on leadership, including 'Effective Leadership', 'How to Grow Leaders', 'The Leadership of Muhammed', 'The Leadership of Confucius’ and much more. With reference to faith perspectives, this one day 'certified' course covers the following:

* Introduction to leadership

* 11 qualities of authentic leadership

* Adair's action centred leadership (ACL) approach

* Ethical leadership in a post Trump world

* Vision & Strategy

* Emotional* and Spiritual intelligence

Join this globally acclaimed leadership course delivered by Adair ACL accredited trainers. All delegates will receive an Adair ACL certificate and the official ACL resource pack.

All welcome - limited spaces - pre-registation required!

Attend in person or online

 DEADLINE FOR BOOKINGs APPLY after which prices rise. 

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