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Murabbi is a simple word that has many meanings transcending language and culture. In the Indian subcontinent, it is used to refer to an individual of seniority in both age and experience.

In North Africa and the Middle East where the word originates, it carries a deeper meaning encompassing many English words such as trainer, mentor, coach, and guide.


Here in the UK where we are based, we embody all these meanings within the framework of our professional development services to you. This could be in the form of training interventions, bespoke courses or consulting services, all designed to enhance your strategic awareness and give you a competitive edge.

“Our vision is a world led
by ethical and effective leaders.”


To lead the way as leadership developers, enabling and facilitating the emergence of values-driven and competent professionals worldwide.


To transform people and organisations to be strategic, people orientated and change-embracing.


To serve and benefit communities and make real differences to wider society through our primary work and pro bono contributions.


Excellence & Integrity

Raising standards, being innovative and original to inspire trust

Fairness & Compassion

Justice, equality, meritocracy and harnessing diversity to bring the best out of everyone


Being bold in pursuing our vision, in order to effect change

Find the solution that best fits you