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HR is one of our core areas of expertise. At Murabbi, we provide comprehensive Human Resources services to organisations and businesses of all sizes and across all sectors.
From dealing with tricky and sensitive employee relations matters and employment law to creating engaged employees and a positive, productive, value-based performance culture, we can be your one stop shop for all HR matters. Through our dedicated and personalised service, we can help you gain an advantage over your competitors through effective HR services, training, coaching, and complete outsourcing solutions.


Comprehensive HR Service Provision

Outsource all your HR needs to your dedicated HR Business Partner from Murabbi Consulting to oversee and manage all your HR affairs including:


Recruitment and on-boarding
Performance Management
Employee Relations Issues / Employment Law
Developing fit-for-purpose policies and procedures
Conduct meetings face to face with your employees to address concerns/issues
Manage redundancy, termination, settlement agreements and exit interviews
Telephone support with HR advice and guidance
Email support with HR advice and guidance
HR documentation support
Fully drafted letters and contracts for all your HR requirements

HR & OD Audit Review

HR spans a wide range of areas including org-design, job description, grading, recruitment, rewards/pay, policies & procedures, employment law guidance, performance appraisal system, conflict resolution process, health and wellbeing among other areas.

Organisational Restructure

Technically and legally a restructure can take place within a matter of days (if less than 20 affected staff) and in 30+ days if above 20 (and below 99) affected staff. In addition, any contractual clauses and notice periods have to be factored. The biggest challenge is the ‘psychological contract’ i.e. the emotional view and cost of the restructuring. If handled poorly grievances and tribunals can arise leading the process to stall and talk many months sometimes years.

Staff Development: Training Needs Analysis

Ideally, a training needs analysis can be carried out. The TNA process should include staff surveys, appraisal evidence, management input, org strategy etc. This will begin to reveal areas where training is necessary. Based on that, a full training intervention programme will be designed, delivered and evaluated.

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