Leadership / Strategy


Ali is a noted global specialist in strategy and policy and a senior consultant at Murabbi.

He is a postdoctoral DAAD Prime Fellow at the Vienna University of Economics & Business and the University of Hamburg. Previously, he was a Lecturer in Management at Magdalen College, University of Oxford, a Doctoral Scholar at the Saïd Business School and a strategy consultant with the Boston Consulting Group.

In his early 30s, he was listed as part of the ‘99 below 33’ policy thinkers – hence considered one of 99 top policy minds in the world below the age of 33.

He is the founder of the Social Incubator – Zahnräder Network. Ali is also non-executive director in various (social) entrepreneurship start-ups, a researcher at the Novak Druce Centre for Professional Services Firms and member of the Think Tank 30, Club of Rome.

Ali teaches researches and consults (including for Murabbi) on topics such as Management and Organisation Theory, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy, Leadership, Business Ethics, Islamic Finance and religion and business.

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