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Dr.Zaza Johnson is a senior consultant at Murabbi, contributing to mentoring and leadership development with special insight in female leadership and BAME professional development. She is also an experienced mediator and conflict resolution facilitator.

Having qualified as a medical doctor (University College London, 1994) and solicitor (Hempsons, 2004), Zaza’s innate interest in human interaction attracted her to leadership and mediation. She trained as a Civil/Commercial (CEDR), Workplace and Family Mediator, and International Commercial Arbitrator (CIArb). Zaza regularly settles various commercial and probate disputes, and instructed to conduct independent investigations within private and public sector organisations under her private practice, Commercial and Medical Dispute Solutions LLP (CMDS LLP).

Zaza is often invited to speak at public forums, particularly where the following subject matters are discussed: Mediation; alternative dispute resolution; family relationships and cultural matters within BAME and faith-based communities; equality and gender issues. She has also delivered lectures at universities including Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge; School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; and University College London. Zaza is a partner at CMDS LLP and a co-founder of Converge and BIMA (Belief in Mediation and Arbitration).

She supports the growth of alternative dispute resolution services for faith communities and the less privileged in society. In the past, she was on the Management Committee of a mediation service in Newham 2008-2010, and as a Service Lead Mediator and Trainer at Bromley Community Mediation Service, serving Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich Boroughs.

Zaza is married with three children and lives in Bexleyheath, Kent.

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