Consultant / Advisor


Liz’s work is centred around discovering and putting values into practice – at a personal level, in organisations and in society as a whole. She combines 20+ years’ experience in culture and leadership development in large multi-nationals with science-based mind-body practices to advise, mentor and develop leaders driving organisational change and developing values-driven cultures.

Liz has led multiple values-based culture change programmes and held senior positions in talent management and leadership development in South Africa and in the UK with a global remit. Liz’s strengths lie in being able to truly listen for what’s needed to bring about desired shifts, and to generate collaboration across decentralised groups for aligned action.

In addition to her consulting work, Liz teaches Sophrology, a life-balancing mind-body practice for wellbeing at the Sophrology Academy. She is on the leadership team of the UK Values Alliance, a non-profit collaborative group seeking to put values at the heart of society and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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